Rules of Play

  1. Teams may be two, three, or four players.
  2. Each player plays their own ball, the best score on the hole is the team score. Note: If you cannot be the low score on the hole you may pick up.
  3. This format follows on every hole.
  4. If the event is net scores, using the players handicap record the appropriate net score for each hole.
  5. A team captain should be designated. The team captain is responsible for keeping the score and making sure net scores are correct if applicable.

Public Golf  |  Scramble Rules

1. Teams are made up of four (4) players.
2. Each player tees off from each hole. The team captain decides which drive is the best.
3. After selecting the best drive, the other players must pick up their ball and proceed to the selected drive.
4. From this point, each player plays a second shot.
5. The team captain again selects the best shot and the remaining three (3) golfers pick up their balls.
6. This proceeds, including putting, until the hole is completed.


1. Putt out all holes – no “gimmies”.
2. Each team must use at least three (3) tee shots from each team member. (optional rule)
3. The team captain is responsible for keeping the score and making sure each player accounts for a minimum of three (3) tee shots. This should be marked on the score card using player’s initials.
4. If playing a 3-some, a minimum of four (4) tee shots is required from each player.

Public Golf | Dress Code

Proper dress is required at all times. No track pants or sweat pants, jeans, cut-offs, halter tops, tennis or short shorts more than 4 inches above the knee are permitted. Only golf (No Metal Spikes) or soft-soled shoes may be worn on the course. Golfers in violation of this code will be denied access to, or removed from the course. In case of removal, no refunds will be given.